Team Sand Flush

Sophie Warren Eventing

Lucinda Vonthethoff, Adelaide, SA

Owners of Sustainable Equitation - foundation training, re-training, eventing.

“Living in sandy WA, Sand Flush enables us to keep on top of sand regularly in
a non-invasive way.It is so palatable we hand feed it as treats each month
when it is due!”

Claudia Greve, Brisbane, QLD

Pony Dressage

“I absolutely love Sand Flush! The convenience of having the easy to use measuring cup and how palatable they are for the horses. Takes away the stress of using psyllium husk where youʼd have to weigh the product and itʼs extremely unpalatable. Sand flush has changed the way I feed my horses and it has improved there GIT health significantly! Sand flush has helped my horses be on the top of their game.”

Claudia Greve Dressage
Lucinda Vonthethoff

Lucinda Vonthethoff, Adelaide, SA

Positive Reinforcement Clicker Training, Liberty and Agility.

Positive Reinforcement Clicker Training, Liberty and Agility. “I love the convenience of the fact it’s made as a pellet, and it has feeding instructions on the back, and for the first time ever ( I think ) it had how much to give a pony! I usually have to divide what a regular horse’s about would be, but I didn’t have to do that with Sand Flush! I found that super helpful. I also noticed with Sand Flush how much my ponies loved the taste!”

Malory Clarson, Perth WA

Pony Dressage & Eventing

“I love sand flush! My mare loves her monthly dose of the pysllium husk + it
makes her feel great so I love it too!”

Malory Clarson